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Online Application

Certificate III in Marketing Management Print E-mail


Marketing emphasizes competitive advantages in organizations and examines the inter-relationships that exist among their customers, the competition, and internal resources. A key part of marketing consists of gaining insights into customer needs and then developing effective marketing plans. With the Certificate III in Marketing Management, the student would gain essential skills and a credential to advance in marketing career. The student would be ready to contribute more to the organization in terms of marketing skills and techniques or take on a new professional role. Student would also be equipped with knowledge of the latest marketing concepts and techniques, new avenues in Marketing Management and recent trends in Marketing career.



Introduction to Management Leadership and Working In Teamst
Effective Communications Management Customer Relationship Management
Developing Business Documents Advertising Management
Marketing Management Project Study
Sales Management


General Entry

Completion of Basic Education OR Attainment of a Level 2 qualification


Alternativel Entry

18 years of age AND Ability to communicate in the language of instruction


Fee Details

Total Fee: Mrf. 9,000/-
Installment: Mrf. 1,500/- Per Month
Reg.Fee: Mrf. 300/-



6 months